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Développeur Trailguru

Download Trailguru and capture your next run, ride, walk, hike, biking trip, or any outdoor activity using your iPhone 3G’s integrated GPS.

While you are in the midst of your activty, Trailguru displays the vital statistics of like the distance traveled, duration, pace/speed, elevation, and latitude and longitude. Trailguru also enables you to visualize it on an integrated map and easily take geotagged photos for automatic upload.

However, the real power of the app comes once youve posted your activity to the Trailguru web site (, where you are able to visualize your outing on Google Earth and Google Maps, keep track of how much youve done over time with web based reporting, and learn about other places that you can explore.

Give it a try.

NOTE: Due to the way 3rd party applications work on the iPhone, the Trailguru application must be on-screen to capture your activity. For example, if you want to listen to music, then choose a nice playlist, start it playing, and then launch and start Trailguru recording.